Project management automation on the basis of

Implementing by yourself?

We will help you to avoid mistakes and will offer you the best solution

Need a turnkey project?

We have many projects for world known brands from the list of Fortune 500

Using it already?

We will provide you with T&M approach and will help you to optimize your costs

Founded in 2003

Implementing Atlassian products since 2016

Atlassian Gold Solution Partner

We are developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions for business. We worked with 72 brands.

With many of them we’ve been working for years, sometimes even more than 10 years.

We belive that the result of the succesfull project is not an implemented IT-system, but the solution of a business problem.

Why do we recommend ATLASSIAN?

ATLASSIAN allows you to automate the management, while preserving the unique business processes of the company.

Your competitive advantages don’t have to be sacrificed to IT.

High performance and reliability

Dozens of products with seamless integration

Thousands of specialized plugins

Flexible settings, fast scaling

Still not sure if it is worth to use Agile for project and resources management? Assess the advantages of JIRA

Team motivation

Fast changes

Sales acceleration

Distance working

Sounds too good to be true?

Contact us and we will show you how it works. All the key processes can me optimized.



Data access


Choose Jira and get Agile as a bonus!

Aren’t there too many «messengers» already, why would you need one more? CONFLUENCE is not just another means of communication — it is a whole ecosystem for business.

With CONFLUENCE you will have much less empty conversation and much more constructive communication.


Experience sharing

Access control

Competence growth

Time saving

Data protection

Implementing by yourself

Some of our clients implement ATLASSIAN products on their own. Why would they involve us?


Optimal prices for the products


ITSM, Agile, Waterfall


System features, reporting variations


Your team will become pro


Updates, problems solving

The advantages of cooperating with us, according to our clients

Implementing time reduction, sometimes by a wide margin

No more blind zones in the reports

Providing fully-featured distance working

Lower cost of implementation and IT support

We help to get maximum out of ATLASSIAN.

Need a turnkey project

With us you will save the money: you will not have to create your own project team while retaining total control and getting the full range of services.


Optimal prices for the products


ITSM, Agile, Waterfall


Including integrations and refinements

Data migration

From different systems and formats


System features, reporting variations


You team will become pro

Also, we know how to work with big brands. Trust us, it’s an exhaustive characteristic in itself.

The real figures of the turnkey projects

Up to 30%

The growth of the projects under control of a manager


Less money spent on project implementation


Less top management workload


More processed requests by support team

Using it already

ATLASSIAN is not something new for you? Great, then we are almost colleagues. We are ready to share some life‑hacks in the optimization.


ITSM, Agile, Waterfall


System features, reporting variations


Your team will become pro


Updates, problems solving

IT products and services on their own do not give the advantages, although they are creating the new possibilities. We will show you how to use them more effectively.

How to speed up the launch of new products

How to cut the costs of the deals servicing

How to maximise the efficiency of the distance working

How to increase LTV

Tell us about ATLASSIAN in your company — we will find how to boost your results.

The cooperation with us

We will keep you updated on the project status

You can make changes after we start working

You will get the results based on your standards and requests


Evaluating your tasks

Audit of the current situation

Business analysis and TR

Project roadmap

We’re trying to be useful straight after getting acquainted with you. This is very easy to check. Contact us — and you will get a free consultation about Atlassian. You will learn:

How to select a product

How to save the money on ATLASSIAN licenses

The special features of Agile in real life

Typical mistakes of the implementation

Why do you need to repeat the mistakes that others have already made? Save time to make some of your own - this is the only way to do something great!

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